Where Did Yurts Originate

Where did Yurts Originate

The yurt is a type of dwelling that originated in Central Asia. It was traditionally used by nomadic tribes such as the Mongols and Turkic people but has been adapted to modern times. The word yurt comes from the Mongolian verb “yur-u,” which means “to assemble or put together.”  Yurts are made with wood, bamboo … Read more

7 Ways To Use A Yurt

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Introduction A yurt is a home that is round and raised off the ground, which can be used for many purposes. The use of yurts has been around since 1700 BC when they were first created by nomadic people living in Central Asia. They were made with animal skins stretched over wood frames so they … Read more

What Is A Mongolian Yurt

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The Mongolian Steppe is a harsh and cold place, where the wind blows you off your horse. But there’s something about it that remains unchanged; Horses provide food (milk) for transport as well as warfare in this environment with their riders often remaining on them from birth until death at age three or four. The … Read more

Types Of Yurts According To The Material Used

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Canvas yurts Because canvas is regarded as one of the toughest materials for yurts, it may be somewhat more costly in certain situations. You may even come across yurts that are constructed of canvas and cotton, or even canvas cotton. These will all be high-end and sought after items, so you can feel safe purchasing … Read more

How To Rent A Yurt

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Have you ever wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of your normal life? To try something new, but still, have a great time while doing it? If so, then renting a yurt might be just for you. A yurt is a hybrid between a tent and a prefabricated house. When you go … Read more

How Much Does A Yurt Cost To Buy?

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Are you a first-time yurt buyer and don’t know where to start? No worries in this article we will break down the different prices and what factors influence the overall final price. Also what mistakes to avoid as a buyer. Generally, the base price of a Mongolian ger (yurt) starts around £2,000 – £5,000 ($2,500 … Read more