Yurts for camping

Sometimes you don’t need a permanent structure to live in all year round – you’re just going away for a short camping break. For those occasions you might want to find the perfect yurt for camping – and what’s what we’re covering on this section of the site.

Whilst it’s true that yurts can make wonderful permanent dwellings, those types will often cost a lot more money than those which are suitable for shorter camping style trips. So typically you can expect to pay much less for a camping yurt – total cost will depend on your budget but you should be able to find one for less than $1,000.

For me there’s nothing more magical then going on a camping trip – well, aside from a camping trip in a yurt! This really does make it a special, very memorable camping trip – sitting around the fire with friends or loved ones before retreating to your yurt for a nap.

Below we’ve listed more information on our favorite camping yurts ⛺

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