Buy a Yurt

Are you looking to buy a yurt online? Here at WhatYurt I’ve been busy testing out and reviewing some of the best yurts you can buy in 2022. Whether you are looking to find a yurt for year-round living (maybe you’re thinking of going off-grid for a while?) or perhaps you just want something for the kids to play with in the garden, I’m pretty confident that I’ve got the perfect yurt for you.

Yurts have really sky-rocketed in popularity over the past few years all around the world, particularly in the United States and in Europe, where people have been keen to go back to living a more simple, back-to-basics life. Yurts provide the ideal environment for those people looking to declutter and enjoy a more eco-friendly, natural way of living – what simpler way to enjoy life then taking time out, or constantly living in, a well-made yurt.

Below I’ve broken down the types of yurts I’ve tried out by categorising them – whether they are yurts for camping trips, yurt kits to make yourself, or even second-hand yurts for those really keen on going for a more eco-conscious option, I’ve tried to bundle those yurts together to make your research simpler.

As always, if you ever have questions about any of the yurts that I’ve listed on these pages, or if you’d like to ask me about my life in a yurt, then you can reach out to me here.

Year Round Living Yurts

yurt as a permanent residence

Ideal for year-round, proper homes, these yurts will all fit the bill. Whether you are looking to live off grid permanently, or want a permanent yurt to live in yourself, or to use as holiday accommodation, these yurts will all last a lifetime in any kind of weather conditions.

Yurts For Camping

a private yurt in the forest

Looking to go camping and want to bring a yurt along with you? Here you can find some yurts that are ideal for short – or long – camping trips. Perfect for those who need something sturdy but portable and lightweight.

Yurt Kits For Sale

A yurt kit is simply a collection of all the parts required to build a yurt yourself. Traditionally, yurts are fairly permanent structures although they can be taken down and moved around to accommodate the travelling lifestyle. These yurt kits contain everything you need to build your very own yurt.

Yurts For Kids

a beautiful yurt in the garden

There’s something really magical about going inside a yurt for the first time – and that’s even more true for children! If you’re looking for a fun, natural play area for your kids then these yurts are the perfect choice. Why not set one up somewhere in your yard for them to play in? I’m sure they would love their very own private play yurt!

Second Hand Yurts


For many people one of the big allures of buying and living in a yurt is the sustainable, eco-friendly nature of such a dwelling. And what can make that even more sustainable then participating in the circular economy and buying a used yurt! Not only can you save a lot of money, but you can pick yourself up a yurt that’s still in excellent condition.

⭐ Can’t find the right yurt for your own personal situation? Feel free to reach out to ask me any questions you might have – even if you can’t find the yurt of your dreams above, I may still be able to point you in the right direction! ⭐