Year Round Living Yurts

Many people will be surprised to hear the truth about year round yurt living – and that it is entirely possible, depending on course of where you are based and the kind of lifestyle you will be living.

Many people have lived in yurts all year round – you just have to look into the history of yurts to learn that many generations of Mongolians have lived comfortably in yurts, having been the inventors and pioneers of the humble yurt.

Here you will find yurts that are well adapted and very suitable for living in all year round. This means the material they’re made from is thick enough to insulate the yurt during those colder months of the year, and, also very importantly, to keep you cool during those very hot summer months. Whether that material is wool felt, canvas or something else, all the yurts listed here are well adapted to provide comfortable year round living.

Please note – before you do invest in a yurt and make the leap towards a permanent off-grid lifecycle, do make sure you’ve researched your local climate to ensure that the yurt you do purchase is going to be up to the job as well as any local building or zoning regulations. Whilst a proper yurt can be a very big investment for some people to make (several thousand dollars for a good quality one) you want to ensure it’s not going to be money that is wasted. Ensure you check with the manufacturer of the yurt if you do have further questions on this!

Our Favorite Year-Round Yurts

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