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What Yurt is a website dedicated to sharing everything you will ever need to know about buying or building a Yurt.
From choosing the right Yurt for your particular needs to keeping it well maintained so it lasts you a lifetime!

I hope that this website provides you with everything you need to know about buying a Yurt and Starting a life
that’s more in tune with nature.

Sarah of WhatYurt

Let me share my Yurt expertise with you

My name is Sarah and I’m completely obsessed with yurts and living off-grid!

I have a dream to live off the land with my young family, and owning and living in a yurt has become a huge obsession of mine – to allow me to downsize and to get back to living more in tune with nature 🏕.

Finding and choosing a yurt wasn’t as straight forward as I’d imagined, so hopefully through this site I can document everything I’ve learned about them. From considering which is the best yurt for families, the best play yurts for kids, or the best yurts for year-round living, I hope to help others begin their journey towards owning a yurt and hopefully taking the leap into the off-grid lifestyle.

I setup this site as a way to share my own journey and experiences with others, and to maybe even encourage you to become a yurt enthusiast too!


Yurt Buyer Guides

I love to write about all things yurt, from choosing the right yurt, making one from scratch, to putting one up properly!

You can find some of my recent yurt articles below 👇👇👇.

  • The Ultimate Guide To Building A Yurt
    The yurt is a traditional Mongolian and Tibetan home. The word “yurt” can refer to both the structure or more specifically, its round shape. Yurts are often dome-shaped and made of wood on a circular frame with wooden latticework. It’s a circular, nomadic tent-like structure that has been adapted for modern use as an eco-friendly … Read more
  • Ultimate Guide To Buying A Yurt
    If you are looking for a new home, the idea of living in a yurt may have crossed your mind. In recent years Yurts are becoming more popular because they have many benefits. They are environmentally friendly and durable which makes them an excellent choice for people who want to live off the grid or … Read more
  • Types Of Yurts According To The Material Used
    Canvas yurts Because canvas is regarded as one of the toughest materials for yurts, it may be somewhat more costly in certain situations. You may even come across yurts that are constructed of canvas and cotton, or even canvas cotton. These will all be high-end and sought after items, so you can feel safe purchasing … Read more

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Yurt Owners I’ve Helped

Tom Yurt review

You provided me with some great advice when I was just exploring the idea of getting a Yurt. Now I couldn’t go back to living in a “normal” home!

Tom S.

Paul Yurt review

I love the Yurt that Sarah recommended to me. It’s perfect for my simple lifestyle, and for off-grid living. Thanks, Sarah.

Paul H.

Laura Yurt review

I found Sarah initially from a Facebook group about off-gridding and she’s been a great help finding me a suitable Yurt to use for my yoga classes.

Laura T.

Any Questions?

I love hearing from other Yurt owners – especially if you’re happy to share your tips or advice with me, and with my yurt enthusiasts! Feel free to send me a message even if you just wanted to say hi. The website is a bit of a work-in-progress so bear with me in the meantime 🙏.