Benefits Of Living In A Yurt


Do you live in a yurt? If not, do you want to know more about what it is like? What are the benefits of living in a yurt? In this post, I will discuss why people choose to live in these circular homes. Even though it may seem strange to not have an actual roof over your head, there are several benefits to living in a yurt. It is no secret that living in a yurt can give you an amazing sense of freedom and adventure. These homes offer the best space for those who want to live off-grid, but they also provide many benefits for those with more typical lifestyles as well. Keep reading to learn how you could benefit from this type of home!  

Low construction costs

One reason why people choose to live in a yurt is low construction costs. Yurts are much cheaper than a traditional house, which means that this type of home usually takes less time to build. It cost less than $40,000 and takes up less space and time to set up. For example, a traditional wood-frame house in the United States can take about three months or more to construct. In contrast, a yurt takes one to five days to set up.

You can customize your yurt to fit your needs and if you need to relocate, it is easy to break down the structure because it is not permanent.

Natural cooling and heating system

Another advantage of living in a yurt is that it provides natural air conditioning and heating. This structure is both fireproof and waterproof since the walls are constructed of felt fabric. During the winter, the doors and windows keep the chilly air out while allowing hot air to enter. As a result, energy expenses stay minimal all year because you don’t have to turn on the heater in the winter nor the fan in the summer.

Since yurts are circular, they create an equal amount of airflow throughout the house which makes moving air all year round. This allows for natural cooling. Long summers can make it extremely humid in places like Canada and Alaska; with a yurt, you would not have to worry about the excessive moisture because it would be rapidly removed from your home.

No interruptions and more private

a private yurt in the forest

Yurts are perfect for those who like to live a solitary life away from city noise and pollution. They offer complete privacy since they do not have outside walls or neighbors that may disturb you. If you enjoy camping, then this type of home would be ideal because you can pitch it anywhere and take pride in living naturally. Since yurts are small, they require less energy to heat and cool thus making them an environmentally safe option as well.

This circular structure does not have corners like square homes do which makes it easier to become sick because there will be no place for bacteria to hideaway. In addition, it is a house that never gets dirty on the inside because there are no corners for dirt and grime to accumulate. Living in a yurt makes you feel as if you live outside all year long because everything around you is natural.

Yurts protect against flooding

When the area surrounding your home floods, you can rest assured that your yurt will keep dry because the floor is above the water level. This provides peace of mind knowing that when a hurricane or storm hits, you won’t have to worry about being flooded.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

You also do not need to worry about maintaining your yurt because it only takes a few hours to maintain. There is no need for painting or re-siding and other similar projects like other houses require. In addition, the dwellings are very energy efficient and this means that you can save money on heating and cooling inside.

Environment friendly

The materials used to build the structure are naturally based and are typically recycled or locally sourced, which helps reduce your carbon footprint.

The structures are also plastered with natural materials, which means that they do not burn or rot. and because they do not use many resources, this means that they do not pollute the environment. In fact,  they consume less wood than most houses.

Low cost of living

It is no secret that it costs more to live in cities than it does to live in rural areas. As stated by the U.S Census Bureau, “the median rent for  a two-bedroom apartment in the New York metro area is well over half of the Area Median Income, which for a family of four equals $64,644.” However, when you decide to live in a yurt, your cost of living will go down.

You do not need air conditioning or heating because it already comes built-in and this means

Healthy living

Aside from being eco-friendly, yurts are also healthy homes. People often think that living in a small space will be unhealthy because of the lack of fresh air, but yurts are different. The circular structure allows for efficient airflow throughout the entire house. In fact, it has been proven by scientists at Alaska Pacific University that having more windows helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide inside your home.


When it comes time to buy your next house, consider thinking outside the box by looking into purchasing a yurt instead. Yurts are made from natural materials and so they have much lower environmental impacts than other types of housing options. They also require less upkeep because there are fewer pieces that need cleaning between tenants due to their simplistic design. Most importantly though, these structures offer a sense of freedom and a connection to the earth.

If you are looking for a new home and have considered all your options, then you should definitely consider living in a yurt. They are a great way of living because they offer so many benefits that could not be found in other homes.


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