How Much Does A Yurt Cost To Buy?

Are you a first-time yurt buyer and don’t know where to start? No worries in this article we will break down the different prices and what factors influence the overall final price. Also what mistakes to avoid as a buyer.

Generally, the base price of a Mongolian ger (yurt) starts around £2,000 – £5,000 ($2,500 – $7,000). This is the flat rate for the standard 12-foot ger. You can also buy yurts from £3,000 – £19,000 ($4,000 – $25,000) and upwards if you go for the deluxe options (e.g Mongolian style liner, wooden lattice panels, etc.). 

The size increase costs about £100, and the width and length are determined by how many feet you use. For example, if we talk about a 14-foot ger, it adds £200 to the total price above 

The price also varies depending on the add-ons and extras you may choose to add.

Factors That Influence The Final Buying Price of a Yurt

1. Size

The yurt’s size affects the price. A 12-foot diameter ger usually needs to be bought for around $3000+ because they are not very common and take longer to make. Yurts need to be built specifically for their owners (for example, one person’s door might be on the left while another person’s door might be on the right) and they also cost a lot more because they are not that common.

Yurt size Average cost

Tiny yurt (up to 12 feet) £4,000

Small yurt (12-16 feet) £5,000

Medium yurt (16-20 feet) £6,500

Large yurt (20-24 feet) £11,500

Extra-large yurt (24-30 feet) £13,500

XXL yurt (30-50 feet) £35,000

2. Uninstalled Felt

Felt is the inner lining of the yurt.

Some yurts come with felt already installed on their wooden structure, but not all do. If you are buying a ger without felt, there are three thicknesses of felt (thicker is better). The rates are as follows:

U.S. felt, 1.5 mm – £10/sq ft 

U.S. felt, 2 mm – £15/sq ft 

Mongolian felt, 3 mm – £20/sq ft 

3. Time and Effort of Setting up the yurt

You will also need to factor in your time and effort. Many of these yurts are not “plug-and-play” items; they require a lot of work and time to assemble.

You can also buy a yurt from a company that offers complete set-up services for anywhere from £1000 – £1,600. Part of this price includes the Mongolian felt, so if your order felt separate, it will not be included in this cost.

4. Shipping costs

Shipping costs depend on the distance that the yurt has to be transported. The rates will vary for each company but can range anywhere from £150 – £700.

Delivery could take 6 weeks since it is almost all handmade. Handmade yurts are all one of a kind – no two are ever exactly alike!

5. Adds ons /Accesories costs
inside view of a yurt and interior

Door upgrade £200 – £350

Platic Windows £400 – £700

Dome Opener £130 – £300

Crate £350 – £500

16’ deck w/ 4’ patio £2,400 £3,200

Wood stove- £150 £400

Wood stove w/ pipe chimney £1,000 £2,000

Exterior Stitching £100 – £250 

Yurt Flooring (additional plywood for floor) £100- £300. 

Keep the Following In Mind To Avoid Common Errors:

1. Do NOT buy a yurt without felt; at minimum, you want 3mm Mongolian felt. You can buy the U.S. felt (1.5 mm – 2 mm) which is much cheaper; however, it wears out much more quickly and looks worse after a few years.

2. Do NOT buy a yurt without including the time/price of the assembly process in your budget because it will take up 1-4 labor days (and possibly many more if the pieces haven’t been glued together correctly).

3. Do NOT buy a ger without the dimensions of all pieces (including length, width, and height) because it’s nearly impossible to build one without knowing these specs.

5. Do NOT buy an unassembled ger unless you are sure that you or someone you know can assemble it correctly because they aren’t well insulated, some because all the pieces haven’t been glued together yet (meaning you have to do it yourself and risk not getting it right). Some ger companies also charge a lot more than others for felt.

6. Be careful about what type of ger kit you buy; it might be something that is missing parts or has. If not, then just buy it completely; at least this way it will still be covered by a warranty.

7. Do NOT buy a ger from some company you’ve never heard of over the internet without talking to them first and asking about their shipping rates. If they have unusually cheap shipping, chances are it’s because the yurt is being sent with no packing material which means that it will probably arrive at your doorstep in pieces (and it may even arrive there already damaged).

8. Be careful of how much you buy and where you buy from; although prices seem reliable, they might not be 100% accurate or up-to-date (especially if the seller is handling 1000’s products and/or has low ratings)! Some sellers might make you pay extra for shipping, some might not ship to your country, some sellers might take weeks to actually send the product, and some might even try to scam you into paying more or less than you should!

9. Be careful about what type of yurt you buy. Different types range in price from £1,000 – £3,000+. Some are cheaper but require extra work to make them warmer because they are not insulated or well-insulated.

11. Do NOT buy a ger without shipping costs included in the price! If you don’t, your wallet might end up being lighter than it should be (and if many people do this, that might cause the product to become more expensive for everyone)!

12. If the ger doesn’t have dimensions or shipping costs are not listed, that means that they are not included in the price; be careful and look elsewhere because you might end up paying more than you should!

Overall, the cost of buying a yurt is relatively cheap. The low cost of buying a yurt is one of the main reasons that people choose to go with this option. Options are endless whether you want to choose a ready-made one or customize one. There are so many different options for customizing your yurt. This allows you to get exactly what you are looking for. 

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